Stand out in your interview!

Did you know that most candidates lose the job interview

at the "Tell me about yourself" question?

Don't be like them

Interviewing is all about practice, practice, practice, and learning how to communicate your strengths to the recruiters. It does not have to be stressful, it does not have to make you doubt yourself, and yes, there are ways to make yourself memorable and an attractive candidate. You can feel confident and ready, all it takes is practicing the right way.

Julie Prinet is an ex-McKinsey consultant who trains candidates to get ready for their job interviews, in French or English. Benefit from her expertise in interviewing and communication, and practice with her before you walk into the real interview. She will help you anticipate tricky questions, perfect your answers, overcome your interview fears, and ensure you are prepared to give a stellar interview!

My Stellar Interview will prepare you to ace the tricky questions

and stand-out from other candidates in your job-interviews

Let your true self shine

Did you know that most interviewers make their decision about a candidate in less than 15 minutes?

That is about how much time you have to convince them to hire you.

Don't lose your chance.

What is the best way to answer the "tell me about yourself" question?

How do I overcome the stress I feel before and during the job interview?

What else can I prepare to make sure the interview goes well and I stand-out?

None of these questions are hard if you have the right interview expert at your side. You can get a lot better after just one coaching session!

During the sessions, you will:

  • Learn how to improve your answers to common and tricky job interview questions to stand-out
  • Practice your responses to ensure you are ready for the real interview
  • Experience being in an interview-like setting
  • Grow confidence about your strengths, skills and experiences

Get ready to shine with My Stellar Interview!

Select whether you are an individual or a school / university

For MBA programs, French Grandes Ecoles de Commerce et d'Ingénieur

I will help your students improve their interview skills and get the best jobs possible - different event formats are possible

For individuals preparing for an upcoming interview

I will help you get ready for your interview via 1:1 Skype sessions, and make sure you let your true and best self shine and stand-out

ACE your interview with My Stellar Interview