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Case-interview (Consulting) Coaching

Julie is a great coach and I highly recommend her!

She is deeply committed and helped me build a strong, positive momentum in the interview preparation. She is very structured but also always went the extra mile to support me, either by connecting me with other coachees or helping me manage my energy during the interview process.

I appreciated Julie’s clear, direct and actionable feedback, both on fit and case. Her tailored and progressive approach allowed me to work on and develop very quickly the specific skills I was not familiar with.

While always very professional, my coaching sessions never felt cold or transactional. Julie is empathetic and naturally builds a positive and trusting environment.

Working with Julie was the perfect complement to solo prep and peer mock case interviews, and it was clearly instrumental in getting an offer with McKinsey".

Associate, McKinsey, Jakarta / Singapore – 2021

Julie went above and beyond my expectations of a coach and is more like a mentor now”

I got to know Julie through HEC’s career workshops, for which Julie is well regarded within the HEC community.

What I loved about working is Julie is her precise actionable feedback stressing on 2-3 improvement areas. Casing with Julie really got me to polish some of my glaring strengths as well as improve on my weak areas. In terms of Fit and behavioral, Julie particularly helped me identify key areas to highlight and articulate them in an impactful way.

Of the many reasons for why Julie is a great coach, if I had to pick one – it would be the connection Julie creates with people like you and me. At no point did I feel that the interaction was transactional. Julie was warm, involved in every step of the way and ever so motivating. She even makes the extra effort to give(send) a pep talk(message) before the interviews and retrospect after to gather learnings. Having Julie as a coach, made the interview process a lot less stressful and a lot more enjoyable.

Bhubaneswari, BCG Stockholm – 2021

I owe everything to Julie. I would not hesitate for a moment to say that Julie is the core reason I was able to get the 3 dream offers I did. She helped me build unconventional skills, unparalleled confidence and helped me remain humble through the entire process. She is caring and kind and has a genuine care for each and every one of her students. I want to keep this short and sweet but really could go on forever to talk about how amazing Julie is. I attribute so much to her and truly 1000% percent recommend her to anyone.

Amanda, EY Parthenon - Asia - 2020

Julie is a phenomenal coach that I was lucky enough to work with. She was instrumental in helping me land an offer at McKinsey as an experienced hire!

Working with Julie for my interview rounds was the best possible prep I could have wished for. She was able to pin-point my strengths and weaknesses very quickly and tailored the interviews to that. She offered incredibly helpful and practical feedback. Every question asked and answered, she’s exceptionally sharp, deeply knowledgeable and super supportive.

The best part: she does this in a way that doesn't make you feel overwhelmed or demoralized, it made me feel empowered: she gave me a boost in confidence, enthusiasm and the feeling that I could do it! Getting the right advice on the things you struggle most with is priceless. Walking into the real thing after that was so much easier.

I would highly and warmly recommend Julie. It really made the difference for me and she is probably the best coach I have worked with.

Tomas, McKinsey - Europe - 2020

I worked with Julie on McKinsey's personal experience interview (PEI) while I was applying as a PhD candidate. She was a truly fantastic coach!

I reached out to Julie because I was not sure how to articulate my experiences. Julie helped me craft my stories to highlight my strength in an authentic way that resonates with me. She definitely has a talent for storytelling. She always very quickly identifies the interesting aspects of each story. As a PhD herself, Julie is good at explaining academic experiences to people in the business world.

Julie is also very helpful beyond the coaching sessions. I was surprised at how quickly and in detail she replied to my questions about the interview and even about the offer. She truly cares.

Thanks to Julie's help, I have received a full-time offer from McKinsey US office. I highly recommend her to any MBB candidate!

Associate (APD), McKinsey - Seattle, USA - 2020

Julie is an amazing coach and her skillset goes far and above teaching how to approach a case. I really believe she was able to identify and bring forward the best in my skills so I would shine in my interviews. I felt throughout the process that she really believed in me and what I could bring to the job beyond the interview.

Her approach worked! I got a job offer from McKinsey during the pandemic!!!

Julie even worked with me on how to feel comfortable and be effective while interviewing through Zoom. Her approach to cases is rigorous and effective, but what I think made the most difference is how disciplined she was in making sure my PEI was tight.

I would buy a Times Square billboard recommending Julie, she transformed the way I approached this experience. I felt ready when the day came and I actually enjoyed my interviews. I’ll never be able to thank her enough for the role she played in this life changing opportunity I’ve been given.

Angie, Associate (experienced hire), McKinsey - D.C., USA - 2020

“Julie was completely critical in helping me realize my actually incredible success story: I went from completely unprepared 6 days before the interviews to receive an MBB (tier-one consulting) offer 8 days later.

From our first hour, I quickly understood that Julie was not only exceptional in understanding how to crack these interviews, but more importantly how to teach me her know-how in a pedagogical way. It took her 20 minutes to identify my weaknesses (structure, the “so-what”, and top-down communication) and came up with a plan on how to address them efficiently.

After every session, she sent me a full page of written feedback and “home work” to practice. Julie never pushed on selling more hours – in fact, we went over time multiple sessions. She did, however, push my thinking constantly. Her criticism is frank and constructive. I would never, ever, have gotten the offer without her help.

I have recommended her services for every person looking into cracking these notorious interview processes. This is an investment – but the return has a very, very high multiple.”

Albert, Intern, McKinsey - Stockholm, Sweden - 2020

“Julie gave me the confidence I needed to approach my final round of interviews with Bain.

As experienced hire candidate, I did not have much time to prepare for my case interviews. I found Julie while looking for a coach to help me prepare with a customized approach on three dimensions: Bain interview style, typical experienced hire challenges, my own weaknesses.

Julie spent a considerable amount of time before our session analyzing the lengthy background information I provided. She helped me identify my weaknesses and prepared a case so I could practice exactly what I needed to. In addition to this, she helped with something I didn’t even realized I needed: my confidence.

The case simulation was very realistic and the extensive and interactive feedback session was carried out in a way that made me feel encouraged and supported, rather than judged. This helped me better absorb the new learnings. Julie followed up after our meeting showing she really cares about her clients.

I have received offer as experienced hire at Bain in Europe and I would highly recommend Julie to any MBB candidate.”

Alexandra, Associate (experience hire), Bain - Sweden - 2020

" I worked with Julie on case interview preps and a full interview mock-up. When I started I had only done a few cases on my own but working with Julie really made my preparation efficient.

She gave me specific comments and feedback that were targeted on what I was doing right and wrong. She was very focused on getting me to the point I was confident and successful in cracking the cases I was working on, which was what I needed.

I had an interview coming up when I first reached out to Julie and she really transformed my case interview game. She was easy to communicate with and she was always available to respond to any question I had before or after our sessions. I also really appreciated the resources she shared with me even after my prep sessions were over.

If you are looking for an amazing interview coach, Julie will be awesome! ”

Bethel, PhD student, successfully passed final rounds with West Monroe Partners - Michigan, USA - 2020

" Julie was a terrific coach when I prepared my interviews with McKinsey.

I met Julie during a recruiting event and she helped me tremendously throughout my interview preparation. She was really good at tailoring my experiences to the PEI questions, and gave very actionable feedback on how to do interviewer-led cases. She was very kind and supportive, helping me “let my true self shine”, as she says. I’ve learned so much from her!

Julie personalized the cases she gave me to my improvement needs – I loved it and was making progress from one session to the next!

I would highly recommend Julie to anyone who are preparing interviews with one of the Big Three!”

Alex, Engagement Manager, McKinsey - Boston, USA - 2016

“Practicing case interviewing with Julie was not only very enjoyable, it made the difference in getting an offer from McKinsey!

Julie is thoughtful and purposeful in her coaching. The practical tips and feedback she gave me on how to improve casing were very actionable and went above and beyond basic advice. Julie encouraged me to feel confident about my framework and my ideas. It really impressed me that she selected and prepared cases that were personalized to what I needed to practice.

Julie was also extremely helpful when it came to practicing PEI – her structured approach allowed me to not only pick the stories that best highlighted my strengths, but she helped me practice being more concise and personable, while boosting my confidence along the way!

Julie is by far the best and I cannot recommend her highly enough”

Nephi, Engagement Manager, McKinsey - Miami, USA - 2015

“Julie was so incredibly helpful! She was able to quickly identify my strengths and weaknesses, which enabled efficient and effective interview preparation during each session.

She helped me craft my stories to showcase my strengths, skills, and experience in a tone that was authentic to my personality. She provided useful advice and tactical tips to improve on my development areas. I loved Julie’s tips on how to communicate more effectively and be more assertive during interviews – it really made the difference!”

Irene, Senior Associate, McKinsey – New York, USA - 2016

“ Julie est une vraie coach, et je la recommande à quiconque cherche à intégrer les grands cabinets de conseil !

Elle m’a aidé à améliorer mon CV, ma lettre de motivation et préparer les entretiens pour BCG. Elle m‘a poussé à être plus précis dans mes descriptions d’expériences, et à articuler mon profil de façon plus concise, professionnelle et convaincante.

Son approche me permet d’attaquer l’étude de cas de façon plus rapide et précise. Son feedback était très personnalisé et détaillé, et elle m’a encouragé, m’a donné confiance en moi et m’a poussé à me dépasser en un temps record.

Je me sens vraiment prêt pour mon entretien de demain!”

Anthony, Business Analyst Digital and Advanced Analytics - Paris, France - 2019

Interview Coaching

“I can safely say that the mock interview sessions which I had with Julie were the primary reasons because of which I could get not only one but two offers from Amazon for its MBA Leadership programs.

During those sessions Julie dissected each of the Amazon’s leadership principles in detail to help me understand the core values associated with each principle. She also helped me craft my stories to accentuate my strengths, experience and skills which would be aligned to the relevant leadership principle. The feedback that I received during those sessions was very actionable and went beyond just basic generic advice, helping me to improve my stories and the communication style drastically.

To sum it up I would just like to mention that Julie was instrumental in getting me an offer from Amazon. I cannot thank Julie enough for the support throughout the interview season. In short, I will highly recommend Julie to all the prospective candidates who want to get into Amazon.“

AJ, Amazon - 2021

N'ayant pas fait d'entretien depuis 7 ans, je n'étais pas très à l'aise lorsque j'ai été contacté par un cabinet de recrutement me proposant un poste important [Note: directeur de l'ingénierie d'une multinationale] Ne voulant pas louper cette occasion j'ai donc fait appel à Julie pour me préparer aux différents entretiens.

Après un premier bilan d'une heure où nous avons fait quelques entretiens à blanc, Julie a tout de suite mis le doigt sur les choses que je devais améliorer et m'a proposé toute une série de recommandations en lien avec les spécificités du poste et les différentes personnes que j'allais rencontrer. L'expérience professionnelle de Julie, sa bienveillance et ses recommandations m'ont permis de préparer de façon sereine les 8 entretiens et de négocier au mieux ma rémunération.

N'hésitez surtout pas à faire appel à Julie afin de préparer vos entretiens, ses conseils n'ont pas de prix.

Guillaume, Head of Research and Development at a large manufacturing firm - Orleans, France - 2020

“Je recommande Julie pour la qualité de ses conseils et techniques : issus de son expérience de très haut niveau, ils sont de véritables différenciateurs sur le marché du travail.

Julie m'a appris comment mener activement les entretiens et non plus simplement attendre les questions des recruteurs. Avec elle j'ai appris à orienter l'entretien pour qu'il se focalise sur mes points forts, et ne pas rester passif ! Sans connaître specifiquement mon secteur d'activité, les questions qu'elle m'a posées lui ont permis d'identifier rapidement les compétences et expériences clés à mettre en avant dans mon CV et lors des entretiens.

Très à l'écoute et passionée, Julie s'implique vraiment pour ses clients et cela se ressent lors des rendez-vous !“

Vincent W., Work Package Manager, Thales - Paris, France - 2019

“ Julie était exactement ce dont j’avais besoin ! J’ai été très bien préparée pour mon entretien grâce à elle, et elle m’a fait gagner beaucoup confiance en moi aussi. Elle avait anticipé beaucoup de questions que le recruteur a effectivement posées, et elle m’a aidée à bien préparer les réponses également. J’ai appris à savoir comment présenter bien mes expériences et mes compétences, à bien organiser ce qui est important à dire, et à être plus confortable pendant tout l’entretien. J’ai développé avec elle aussi la capacité de réagir et d’être plus interactive avec le recruteur. Elle a remarqué aussi tous mes comportements qui pourraient démontrer une insécurité et m’a donné des conseils de comment les contrôler. À la fin de l’entretien, le recruteur m’a dit qu’il était vraiment satisfait avec notre conversation et je suis d’accord !

Julie est tellement passionnée, compétente et professionnelle, je la recommande sans aucune hésitation, peu importe votre domaine de travail !

Merci pour toujours Julie, je garderai tout que j’ai appris avec toi pour toute ma carrière professionnelle !!!“

Carolina, Etudiante brésilienne, ENSA - Toulouse, France - 2020

“J’ai contacté Julie une semaine avant un entretien d’embauche particulièrement exigeant. Grâce à ses conseils avisés et spécifiques à mon domaine (Julie a très rapidement compris le contexte et enjeux du recruteur, ainsi que les attentes vis-à-vis de l’entretien), j’ai pu aborder beaucoup plus sereinement mon rendez-vous. Son approche personnalisée m’a rassuré et permis de donner le meilleur de moi-même.

Julie m’a permis de mieux comprendre les attentes du recruteur, et de trouver les justes mots pour présenter mon expérience et répondre au mieux aux besoins de l’entreprise. Son travail est méthodique et pragmatique, je la recommande vivement !

Je garde précieusement ses conseils en mémoire, pour de prochains entretiens.

Merci Julie !"

Alexandre, Senior consultant in Digital transformation - Paris, France - 2018

"I was tremendously lucky to get in touch with Julie in the midst of a job search. Her help in writing up a solid and structured essay was invaluable. She also assisted me in preparing for my interviews as a Digital Health Consultant Manager. Thanks to her guidance, many doors opened and I got the job offer among others!

She enabled me to express myself in a very sharp, professional and convincing manner. She has a strong expertise in consulting and is truly dedicated to her clients' mission.

I appreciated Julie’s quick and thorough responses to my questions, she was patient and cared so much for my success!”

Alexia, Digital Health Evangelist - Boston, USA - 2018

“Julie’s coaching got me a job offer from my current company!

She went above and beyond to make sure I was well prepared for my interviews, and gave me so many helpful tips and advice.

I reached out to her because I was not sure how to best articulate my past experiences and present myself during job interviews in a competitive way. I did not know how to give specific examples to illustrate my strengths.

Her structured approach helped me identify and communicate my strengths clearly, and I was able to tackle all interviewers’ questions in a convincing manner (including with the CEO himself!) and give detailed examples.

Julie also taught me how to be more confident and overcome my interview-related anxiety.

I have been using Julie’s advice in many other aspects of my life, and will re-use her helpful material whenever I interview again. It was a great investment into myself and my career.“

Max, Technical Project Manager - Chicago, USA - 2017

“Julie m'a aidée à préparer mes entretiens d'embauche en anglais et en français. Ses conseils m'ont été d'une grande aide et m'ont permis de rebooster ma confiance en moi et d'améliorer mon discours.

Le jour J, Julie était aussi disponible pour un entraînement de dernière minute et pour me rassurer.

L'expérience de Julie et ses compétences font d'elle une coach efficace et qui sait mettre l'autre à l'aise. Je recommande sans hésiter de faire appel à elle pour préparer vos entretiens et/ou vos prises de parole"

Laura, Marketing Executive - Paris, France - 2016

Resume and Cover Letter Coaching

“ Après 40 ans d’expérience professionnelle dans un grand groupe, je souhaite me réorienter dans un domaine nouveau, et j’ai fait appel à, Julie pour créer un curriculum.

Julie a su m’aider à rédiger un document synthétique d’une page , ce qui demande des choix dans une carrière aussi longue ! Mais pas n’importe quel choix : et c’est là que le regard précis, rigoureux, orienté objectif, de Julie a fait la différence qui fait la différence.

J’ai adhéré à tous les feedback précis et détaillés que Julie a fait, et peu à peu le tableau a pris sa forme.

J’ai 64 ans, et ai particulièrement apprécié le coté « neuf » de Julie qui a permis une belle créativité dans le respect de mes choix.

Je compte faire appel à Julie pour mes Pitchs de présentation. "

Michelle, Responsable projets et partenariats au sein d’un grand groupe - Paris, France - 2018

“Je ne savais pas si mon CV était vraiment compétitif, ni comment l’améliorer: je ressentais qu'il ne représentait pas ma vraie valeur mais lorsque j'essayais de le changer j’avais l’impression d’avoir l’air arrogante. L’aide que Julie m’a apportée va au-delà d’avoir un CV que je n’hésite pas à envoyer pour les postes dont je rêve, elle m’a aidé à devenir une professionnelle avec une meilleure confiance en elle.

Ce que j’ai particulièrement aimé:

  • Son expertise: elle a analysé de nombreux CVs et lettres de motivation et elle sait ce qui démarque la moyenne du top

  • Ses idées créatives et adaptées à mon histoire

  • Son approche personnelle et droit-au-but

  • La qualité de ses remarques, et le fait qu’elle m’expliquait l’importance de ces changements et répondait à toutes mes questions

Je ferai appel à elle pour préparer mes entretiens!”

Aurore, Affaires Médicales en Oncologie - Boston, USA - 2019

“With Julie’s help I got an offer for my dream job in the Bay Area!

She helped me sharpen my resume – be more concise while adding more specific information that recruiters would want to see highlighted. Her advice was clear, very practical and got me the interview! I was also greatly uplifted by her help with identifying my strength and what a Ph.D. degree really enabled me to do.”

Yuzhi, UX research associate, Adecco - California, USA - 2019

“I got an interview for an Assistant Professor position at a top Ivy League university in the US! Julie coached me to write an outstanding cover letter, course evaluation and statement of teaching philosophy – all of her advice was on point. She really has a sharp eye for writing and knows how to communicate in a clear, coherent, elegant, and convincing manner.

She helped me identify key attributes of my personality and my background which improved and reflected who I am and my philosophy in the materials I submitted for this position.

Julie was also very responsive, which made the process simple and easy.

I will definitely use her help to prepare for upcoming job application and interviews!”

Katerina, Ph.D., Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of Michigan – Ann Arbor, USA - 2018

Concours Ecole d'Ingenieur et commerce, MBA

“To prepare for my HEC EMBA (executive MBA) application, I worked with several coaches and Julie was definitely the best one. She was systematic in her approach, provided practical feedback and most importantly was pleasant to work with. It is quite obvious that she is passionate about coaching and helping her mentees. Thanks to her, I was accepted in my first-choice program, HEC. “

Kevin, MD, Associate Professor of Surgery, Harvard Medical School - Boston, USA - 2020

“J’ai fait appel à Julie pour préparer mon entretien de motivation pour le concours d’entrée d’Agro Paris Tech. J’ai grâce à elle non seulement obtenu 18/20 a l’epreuve mais ai aussi été admis, avec un classsement de 8/180!

Je n’étais pas bien sur de comment mettre en avant mes stages et projets scolaires, et Julie m’a aidé à articuler mes forces et ma motivation sans paraitre prétentieux.

J’ai beaucoup apprecié l’approche personalisée de Julie – elle a vraiment pris en compte mes préferences dans la facon de formuler mes reponses afin que mon discours me corresponde.“

Leo, Eleve ingenieur Agro Paris Tech - Paris, France - 2019