Interview Coaching

Prepare yourself to give that stellar interview!

What you will get out of your one-on-one interview coaching sessions with Julie:

  • Skype sessions to practice, live, your upcoming job interview
  • Exposure to the most common and most difficult questions asked by recruiters
  • Identification of your strengths and advice on how to best showcase them during the interview
  • Professional, concise, convincing method to present yourself and answer questions
  • Confidence in your ability to shine in your next interview
  • Personalization: you can let Julie decide what is most appropriate for you, or you can choose your language (French or English), the questions or parts of the interview you want to practice, a particular feedback area you want to work on (e.g. being more concise), etc.


30 mins

65 €

  • Practice one specific interview question
  • Get detailed and personalized feedback and advice on how to best answer the question
  • Decide what question you want to practice
  • Receive a follow-up email with specific action-oriented advice
  • Session via Skype



  • Practice a full mock-up interview:
    • 40-min mock-up
    • 20-min detailed and personalized feedback
  • Get exposed to common as well as difficult questions
  • Personalize the questions you want to practice, or let Julie design an interview adapted to the job you want
  • Receive a follow-up email with specific action-oriented advice
  • Session via Skype



  • Prepare your interview in depth, cover all potential questions, and practice until you shine!
  • Standard format is:
    • 3 x 1-hr ("Full mock-up")
    • 30-min for additional questions or coaching (many candidates choose a confidence-boost call right before their interview)
  • Adjust the standard format to your preference and decide how you prefer to make the most of your 3hr30 coaching time
  • Sessions via Skype